Action Together: Newsletter

People have the power to change the places they live and the things they care about.

At Action Together we know that people can make things happen because we see it every day. Across Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside, there are thousands of people changing lives, improving neighbourhoods and contributing positively to our local area. Action Together offers a range of support to strengthen communities. We believe that by learning together, sharing skills and pooling resources we can get more done.

  • We support people to get help, providing opportunities to get better connected to what is going on in their local community and find the support they need.
  • We strengthen community and voluntary groups by providing support to run their group, find and secure resources and work together to do more.
  • We encourage local people, businesses and the public sector to give their time, skills and resources to support local good causes.

To find out how you can give help, or get help across Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside please explore our website.

Find out more about what’s happening here:

Don’t Wait Campaign – Quit Smoking

We are working with Salford CVS and the NHS to help promote their New Year “quit campaign”. The campaign aims to give smokers the motivation, confidence and information needed to make and sustain a quit attempt.

The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘Don’t Wait’ – that’s the message from NHS doctors and former smokers as the hard-hitting campaign is launched when many people are thinking about quitting smoking and making resolutions to improve their health and wellbeing, after a difficult 2020.

The campaign also tells the stories of three local ex-smokers, Andy, Gail and Lisa, who have shared their incredible stories in the hope of inspiring others.

Download the full campaign toolkit and resources here

TGFM – Changes to Weekly Tickets

TfGM have been working with the operators of our school services to introduce a new weekly ticket that can be loaded straight on to an IGO card, without the need for a paper ticket. Helping us to reduce our environmental impact, whilst cutting down on lost tickets and students travelling without their IGO.

We’re now in a position where all of our operators are able to sell and accept this new ticket type,  as well as a new carnet style ticket that can also be loaded on to a student’s IGO card. For more information about these new tickets please visit:

We will be asking our operators to no longer sell the paper version of the TfGM school weekly, with a view to removing the paper version from the beginning of next term.

If any of your students need to apply for an IGO or replacement, full details can be found here:

A DCC student is set to star in a new ITV drama programme and experience the limelight for the first time.

James Trimble in Year 9 has talked about his experiences on the soon to be released TV Drama called “Viewpoint”. James commented

“it was an amazing experience.  I was definitely observant, and it was definitely a fantastic time!  All of the cast and crew are brilliant and they were really nice. 

The director said she will put me forward for other work as will Erin Shanagher (my on-screen mum).  I cannot wait for the programme to come out.

I would like to thank the school and teachers for letting me have the time off, thank you to my parents for pushing me!  There is one phrase that goes through my head every day “Dreams won’t work unless you do”.

Good luck James, can’t wait to see you on the silver screen.






Children’s Hospital Pyjamas is a children’s charity.


It is super important to all the team that we empower our younger generation to share the love. So, during lockdown we will be looking for Charity Champions 2020!!

There will be 4 age groups 0-5 yrs, 6-10 yrs, 11-15 yrs and 16-18 years.

All you have to do is to send us your videos asking ‘Have you bought your pyjamas yet?’ wearing your pyjamas (see videos on the charity website).

Or if you’re feeling creative a Tik Tok transitioning from normal clothes to pyjamas.

Please send your videos to this email address –

(for children aged under 18 a consent form will need to be signed)

The videos will be featured on the charity Facebook page and at the end of this year’s 2020 campaign the team will be choosing Charity Champions from each age group and there will be a surprise for the winners!!!

So get involved and keep your eyes on the website!!

(all we ask is that the videos are sensible. Children’s Hospital Pyjamas reserve the right to decline inappropriate content)


Information on additional Free School Meal Vouchers

Dear parents and carers,

Re: Free School Meal vouchers

As you may have heard, Tameside Council announced that no child in Tameside on free school meals would go hungry over the half-term break. A voucher to the value of £15 from either Tesco or Asda is available for each eligible child even though half-term is over.

Parents or carers of children on benefits-related free school meals can go to the Tameside Council website and complete an online form to access the voucher. Further information and how to apply can be found here at

 If you are unsure about filling in the form please contact the Early Help Access Team on 0161 342 4260 to talk through the process. Likewise, if you need any other urgent support you can contact the team on the same number. There is also information on wider help available for children and families on their website at

The deadline for completing the form is 8th November.