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We see it as a privilege to be entrusted with the education of young people and understand that every child is different. As an inclusive centre for learning, we never lose sight of this and are adaptable, flexible and creative with our provision.

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SENCO Miss Kilbane

At Denton Community College we are effective in identifying students with SEND, which enables us to provide additional help and support at the earliest opportunity. This provides all our students with the opportunity to access the same ambitious curriculum we have on offer.

Our highly skilled and proactive SEND team use the latest technologies, educational research and Government guidance to ensure students receive appropriate interventions in either the classroom, small groups or through individual tuition.

Denton Community College recognise the requirements laid out in the Special Needs and Disabilities Act, and a copy of our Accessibility Plan / Disability Equality Scheme is available on request.

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At Denton Community College, we have developed a rich science curriculum that inspires students to become inquisitive and curious scientists. Through both practical and theoretical study, we ensure that students safely navigate the skills required in biology, chemistry and physics, which allow them to gain a better understanding of the world around them. We prepare our youngsters who begin in year 7 with a transition unit, which allows them the opportunity to revisit and consolidate the science they learned in their KS2 studies. As they progress through lower school, we ensure that all our students are able to develop their resilience and independence in applying their subject knowledge, we ensure that the learning is age and stage appropriate, incorporating the right level of challenge. As students begin their KS4 studies, our experienced department facilitates the discussion of real world applications of science. We have high expectations of our learners which has enabled us to successfully raise the aspirations of our students to continue their post-16 education in science. We are proud to offer both the Combined Science GCSE pathway as well as the Separate Science GCSE Pathway, ensuring that all students leave Denton Community College with the knowledge and skills required to pursue their goals and ambitions.

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Dance at Denton Community College focuses on giving our students the opportunity to perform, choreograph and critically appreciate the work of professional dance practitioners as well as their own work. Within the curriculum, students experience a broad range of dance styles in order to develop their versatility as a performer, this supports their knowledge and understanding of dance from different cultures. Within the dance lessons at Denton Community College students develop invaluable skills in communication, adaptability, teamwork, resilience and confidence.
Each year students are given the opportunity to audition for the school’s dance company, Fusion. If successful, students get the opportunity to represent the school at various performances and competitions across the county.

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