At DEpressON we have been working on an App for the last 2 years to support people with there Wellbeing and Mental Health.  DEpressON is an app in the making that will allow people suffering from depression, anxiety and a range of other mental health issues, to express themselves freely, through a non-judgemental platform, building a tailor-made support network. With DEpressON, we aim to help eliminate the stigma associated with depression and other mental illness, allowing our users to find solace in each other, their friends and family, fighting isolation to reconnect with the things that truly make our life worth living.
Over the last few months, We have seen the importance of looking after our physical and mental health more than ever, From my own personal experience of the last few months I have seen the affect this has had on families and young children, Missing out on school, not being able to meet friends and family, So we are looking to launch the app into schools in the coming months. 
With a change in our focus, we will need to make some changes to the design and content of the app we were working on, and we want you to get involved with us in making those changes. Helping us ensure that the app really benefits you and those around you. So we are asking you to join our journey. Help us redesign our Logo, help us come up with a new name, and get involved in the app. 
We are holding a competition, send us your ideas and designs, tell us your reasons behind the ideas and designs, and have the chance to see YOUR design or Name used on the app. We will also be offering prizes to the winners. 
As well as entering the competition we are also looking to hold Virtual meetings to get your feedback on the app and see if you have any ideas that could add to the way it works. If you wish to participate in these meetings get in touch via the links below. 
The Competition will launch next week, Monday 13th July, and will run until Friday 21st August. Winners will be announced 2nd September. Virtual meeting dates TBC.  Send your entries to
I look forward to seeing your entries. 
Colin Radcliffe