Denton Community College follows the Local Authority policy for admissions for 11-16 students.

For further information on Secondary admissions in Tameside, please visit the Tameside Council website, where you will find links to useful information, including the appeals process.

Each year, Denton Community College arranges a variety of events including an Open Evening for prospective students and their parents/carers. Once we know which students are due to attend there are a series of events and meetings held to allow a smooth transition and transfer from primary school. These include: a new Intake evening for parents/carers and taster days at the school when students will sample a range of lessons with the tutor group to which they will belong in September. In addition, key staff visit the main primary schools to discuss transfer information with appropriate teachers. We are determined to ensure that your child transfers to us as seamlessly and as confidently as possible.

For in-year transfers, please refer to the same website, where the full process is explained in detail.
Alternatively, please contact us directly and we will be glad to assist you.
Call us on 0161 3362219 or email Miss K Kilbane (Assistant Headteacher) at