Denton Community College student hits the silver screen.

A DCC student is set to star in a new ITV drama programme and experience the limelight for the first time.

James Trimble in Year 9 has talked about his experiences on the soon to be released TV Drama called “Viewpoint”. James commented

“it was an amazing experience.  I was definitely observant, and it was definitely a fantastic time!  All of the cast and crew are brilliant and they were really nice. 

The director said she will put me forward for other work as will Erin Shanagher (my on-screen mum).  I cannot wait for the programme to come out.

I would like to thank the school and teachers for letting me have the time off, thank you to my parents for pushing me!  There is one phrase that goes through my head every day “Dreams won’t work unless you do”.

Good luck James, can’t wait to see you on the silver screen.