Covid-19 Update – Testing for Year 7 Students Starting in September

Covid-19 Update – Testing for Year 7 Students Starting in September

As part of the next stage of the response to the pandemic, schools have been asked to offer COVID-19 tests to students at the start of the new academic year.
We are looking forward to your child joining us in September as a Year 7 student and we would like to offer them the option to take two tests on-site in college on their return in September. These will take place on Thursday, 02.09.21and Monday, 06.09.21.

Students will be asked to self-swab and process the test in a designated area. A trained staff member will then monitor the test result as it develops, allowing the student to return to class. The staff member will read and report the result on the students’ behalf. Once these two tests are done, your child will be issued with a home test kit so they can be involved in home testing throughout September. We recommend students take these home tests twice per week, either on a Sunday evening or a Monday morning and either on a Wednesday evening or a Thursday morning.

Next steps

If you would like your child to be part of this testing programme, please read the attached letter outlining our approach to testing in more detail and the attached COVID-19 testing privacy statement detailing the data we will need to collect from you and how it will be treated.
The final step is then to give your consent for your child to take part in the testing programme.  If you wish to give consent, please complete the

Consent form for Year 7 Student COVID-19 testing at Denton Community College

by 3pm on Monday, 19.07.21.

The initial testing in school is an important strategy to stop the virus from spreading again in September.  Whilst many of the COVID rules will be relaxed over the summer, it is still a highly contagious disease and it is important that positive cases can be identified to break the chain of transmission.

Letter to Parents & Carers Y7 15th June 2021

Denton Community College COVID-19 Testing Privacy Statement