As we continue to look at ways to support our local businesses, we are also very aware that individuals have already lost their livelihoods and that you yourselves may be struggling as households. We have set up a new section on our dedicated webpage for the latest support available to individuals. Please do take a look and pass this information along to those you think it might help. It includes guidance on mortgage and rent payments as well as changes to universal credit and current job opportunities


We would also appreciate your support in keeping this information current, particularly the jobs page.  If you are aware of any other opportunities please could you email with the title ‘JOBS’ so that it can be quickly picked up.


Updated – 26/2/2021- 12.00pm

Denton Community College has a duty of care to all its students, staff and our wider community.  We are following the advice given out by the Department for Health and Social Care and Public Health England.  We are monitoring all advice and guidance and will keep this page updated on a daily basis.

Students have been given information about the Coronavirus and about the importance of good hygiene. Students should not worry as it appears that the young are the least vulnerable age group.  It is important though for them to take precautions so that they do not pass the infection to people who may be more affected.

On this page, you will find a short explanation and a link to Government guidance. Please click on the link for more information

Where can I find more information about Coronavirus?

The best way to find out about the Coronavirus and the government’s response is to Click here

For specific government advice for parents and carers about schools: Click here

What are the Symptoms?

Is College open and what measures are being taken?

Details can be found about when and how college will be open through the Letters page.

Please ensure you follow this page. The headteacher will give information directly to parents in his letters  The most recent communication to parents via letters can be found here: Letters 2020/21 

Information from the DFe about school re-opening can be found here: Click Here

Will my child be regularly tested for Coronavirus?

As you will be aware, on Monday 22nd February 2021 the Prime Minister announced to the nation that from 8th March 2021 ‘pupils and students in all schools and further education settings can safely return to face-to-face teaching’ and that ‘school attendance will be mandatory for all pupils, with secondary schools and colleges able to phase return over the week of 8th March to allow students to be offered testing on return’.


Regular testing of our staff and students has already begun in our on-site testing facility. The COVID‑19 tests, known as ‘lateral flow devices’, help identify asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 that might otherwise not be detected within school populations, and the government hopes this testing will reduce the ability of the virus to spread undetected. Anyone who has a positive result will immediately have to self-isolate for ten days, as would his or her close contacts.


The testing will be carried out by a team made up of school staff and some external volunteers all of whom have completed the required government training to enable testing to take place and have full DBS safeguarding checks. The tests are entirely self-administered – the students will complete the process themselves – and they will need to have three tests within six to ten days. However, this can only take place with your consent – no test will be taken without it.


If you would like for your child/children to take part in this testing programme you need to give your consent for them to do so. Please read the attached letter outlining our approach to testing in more detail and the attached COVID-19 testing privacy statement detailing the data we will need to collect from you and how it will be treated. If after reading these documents you wish to give your consent for your child/children to take part in the testing programme then please complete the relevant consent form below before 3pm on Wednesday the 3rd of March, 2021.

Consent form for Year 11 Student COVID-19 testing at Denton Community College

Consent form for Year 10 Student COVID-19 testing at Denton Community College

Consent form for Year 9 Student COVID-19 testing at Denton Community College

Consent form for Year 8 Student COVID-19 testing at Denton Community College

Consent form for Year 7 Student COVID-19 testing at Denton Community College

Please feel free to contact Steve Nixon, Assistant Headteacher by email at if you have any questions about the testing that he can answer for you.

Please Click here for information related to Consent  & Click Here for a letter to parents

What will happen with Examinations?

On Friday 15th January 2021 the Department for Education (DfE) announced the opening of the consultation regarding their proposals for replacing the GCSE examination series schedules for the summer of 2021. In the DfE press release which can be found here, it is proposed that teachers are to determine grades using a range of evidence that reflects students’ hard work and ability.

Following that consultation the DFe has set out for Parents, Carers, Students and schools in a process to outline how the principles behind grade allocation for 2021: Click Here

Do you have any information in relation to Face coverings?

The government has provided information on the effective use of Facemasks here:

From the 8th March, the DFe has stated that Staff and students in secondary schools and colleges are advised to wear face coverings in all areas, including classrooms, where social distancing cannot be maintained and as a temporary extra measure.

What is the package proposed by the Department for Education?

Following the announcement of the roadmap by the Primeminster on the 23rd February which laid out a cautious easing of restrictions, the government on Wednesday 24 February, announced further elements of the recovery support package so children and young people can catch up on missed learning and development due to the pandemic. Details of this package can be found on the DFe website: Click Here

When should I self isolate?

Click on the information below, for detailed guidance on the circumstances when isolation will be necessary.


Is there any additional support for students who are entitled to Free School Meals?

Free School Meal vouchers

As you may have heard, Tameside Council announced that no child in Tameside on free school meals would go hungry over the half-term break. A voucher to the value of £15 from either Tesco or Asda is available for each eligible child even though half-term is over.

Parents or carers of children on benefits-related free school meals can go to the Tameside Council website and complete an online form to access the voucher. Further information and how to apply can be found here at

If you are unsure about filling in the form please contact the Early Help Access Team on 0161 342 4260 to talk through the process. Likewise, if you need any other urgent support you can contact the team on the same number. There is also information on wider help available for children and families on their website at

Where can I find additional help during the pandemic?

The information on his page includes Safeguarding Concerns, Foodbanks,  Tameside Support Services, Domestic Violence, Mental Health and other useful links.

Additional Support during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Please also follow the school twitter account for regular updates: @DCC_News


Where can I find support with Parenting?


Are School trips taking place?

On 12 March 2020 the government advised schools that students under 18 should not travel abroad.  As a result, we had already cancelled all foreign trips this academic year.  Following Government advice on 16 March 2020, the decision has been taken to postpone all school trips and visits for this academic year until further notice. This includes events with Partner schools either on or off-site, Field Trips related to coursework, Duke of Edinburgh activities and outward bound events.

We are currently working with trip providers to recover any payment made for trips which are no longer taking place. Once funds have been returned to school, payments will be refunded via ParentPay.

School trips currently planned for academic year 2020/21 are under review, we will watch developments and follow UK government guidance over the coming weeks before deciding on these trips. Anyone who is part of an organised trip will be contacted by the trip leader in due course.

Guidance for Educational Trips

What about parents and other visitors coming to school?

We are keen to continue to engage with parents, we will have these discussions on the telephone or through email.  Telephone meetings can be arranged in the normal way.  Visitors should only enter reception if absolutely needed, visitors to school must make a prior appointment.  The safety of our school community is our main priority.

What if my child feels ill?  

Please follow the NHS advice.  Under new government guidance issued on 16 March, they should stay at home for 14 days.  If any other students at Denton Community College live in the same house they should also self-isolate for 14 days.  Please visit for up-to-date guidance.

Please ring school by 8.30 am to inform us that your child will be off if your child has been allocated a place as the child of a Key Worker.  It would be helpful if you gave full details rather than just saying that they are ill.  If they are self-isolating please tell us that and the start date of their self-isolation.  There is then no need to ring each day unless they need to stay off longer than expected to recover.

How will work be provided if the school has to close again or if my child has to Self Isolate?

We will provide work via Google Classroom and the school VLE. It would be useful for you to check with your child that they can access Google Classroom and their email account.  If there are any problems please let us know.

Please direct any Username and Password issues to:

information about how to access Google Classroom and Home learning can be found at by clicking on the word Home Learning below:

Home Learning -2020

Additional information about issues with google classroom can be found on the FAQ links below:

How to log into Google Classroom for the first time

Help with Google Classroom – FAQ

Addtional guidance and Activities for you and your Child on maintaining Internet Saftey can be found here:

E-Safety Advice for Parents

How do I help my child during this time? What can I do to explain the situation?

The following document provides specific advice on speaking to your child at this time. It has useful help and tips on how to respond to worries and concerns in relation to COVID -19 and Coronavirus.

Click on this link: Responding to worries about Covid-19, advice for Parents and Carers

Where can I find support for my Mental Health and Isolation?

The NHS is offering Tips and guidance on Mental Health and Wellbeing here:


I require extra support during this period, or I have a Safeguarding Concern?

For Safeguarding concerns, please email:
Other useful numbers include:
Tameside Children’s Social Care – 0161 342 4101 Out of hours: 0342 4444
Childline – 0800 1111
Tameside Housing Advice – 0161 330 2032
Domestic Violence National Helpline – 08082000247
Police (Non urgent) – 101
Samaritans (Emotional Support/Distress) – 116 123
St Mary’s Food Bank (Haughton Green) opening times: 
Tuesday – 4pm-5pm
Wednesday – 3pm-4pm
Friday – 11.30am-12.15pm

What can I do?

Personal hygiene is the most important way we can tackle COVID-19, especially washing hands more; and the catch it, bin it, kill it strategy for those with coughs and sneezes.

If you are concerned that any members of your family have symptoms linked to the Coronavirus, follow Public Health England guidance.

Keep the school informed if there is anything that you think we should know about.

Reassure your child and encourage them to keep working hard and do what they can to support others, especially those in vulnerable groups.

Celebrating English at DCC

Celebrating English at DCC

It’s been a great few weeks for book and poetry lovers at Denton, with our annual World Book Day celebration really getting students and staff talking about their favourite books. Not only were teachers dressed as their favourite book characters, but they were also wearing a label about their favourite books. Students were tasked with speaking to as many teachers as they could during the day, noting down their favourite book and the reason for loving it so much. The students with the most teachers and books on their list at the end of the day won a lovely (though non-literary prize). See if you can work out who was who below:

DCC Students were also celebrating getting their names in print last week, as copies of the National Young Writers Poetry Anthology began to arrive at school. This year we had an unprecedented number of entries for this brilliant competition and as a result, a huge number of year 8 and 9 students have seen their poems published in this wonderful book. This year the theme was Identity, and a lot of our students really seemed to connect with this, producing some emotional, deeply moving, unusual, and downright hilarious poems. It’s such a special occasion to have a piece of writing published and we couldn’t be prouder of our poets!

English Revision with Mr Watson

Students can access extra revision on Key English concepts from Mr Watson’s YouTube Channel.

You can access the channel through the link in the Student Resources section or

this link



Denton Students win as Teen Tech Team!

Year 9 students from Design Technology visited the TeenTech event at Manchester University last week.
Altogether 10 students took the opportunity to be inspired by the contemporary world of Science, Engineering and Technology (STEM).
The TeenTech event gave students the opportunity to try their hand at experiments, to handle leading-edge technology and, most importantly to spend time with Engineers, Technologists and Scientists influencing their 21st-century lives.
Various prizes were handed out and the Denton “Teen Tech” ambassadors won the award for ’Best Design’ with one of their concepts. Well done Teen Tech Team!

Denton Community is proud to announce it’s the latest set of Alumni from the Brilliant Club University Scholars Programme. The students graduated from Manchester University last week after completing University style dissertations based on a wide range of topics in a range of disciplines. These included English, Maths, Science and Humanities.

This is the 4th Year that the college has been involved with the Brilliant Club programme and it is again a year of tremendous success for all the students involved.

This year 34 Denton students completed this challenging academic exercise, all students managed to complete all aspects of the course and submit work in order to obtain a University Style Degree Certificate.

The Scholars Programme recruits, trains and places doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in schools to deliver programmes of university-style tutorials, these are then supplemented by two university trips. It aims to increase the number of pupils from under-represented backgrounds progressing to highly selective universities. They do this by mobilising the PhD community to share its academic expertise with state schools. DCC has worked with the programme for four years.

This year DCC entered it’s the largest cohort of students and they worked to complete University style dissertations over an extended period of time. The students were highly successful and produced the best results the school has seen from the programme.

Their work was marked with a University style grading system, and over 30% of the Cohort received the highest grade of either a 1st and 20% achieved a 2:1. These grades demonstrate that these students are working at A level standard. 50% of students achieved the next two grades of 2:2 or 3rd which are as good as GCSE level. All these grades are an amazing achievement considering that the students have not yet begun GCSE courses.

Congratulations to all involved, and special thanks to Ms Driver for organising, arranging and supporting this opportunity.