Behaviour at Denton Community College

At Denton Community College we expect the highest standards of behaviour and appearance from all our students, we constantly remind our students of our slogan ‘High expectations – No excuses’.  To help them focus and regularly remind our students we use the acrostic NUHOPE.

We find that students who are successful display these ‘learning habits’ on a consistent basis so we expect all our students to follow NUHOPE.

Each morning form tutors conduct daily checks to ensure our students are ‘Ready to Learn’ and we also have support mechanisms in place for students who need extra support.

For more details on the full behaviour policy for the school or for information about how we use various intervention tiers to support our students please contact the Deputy Headteacher Mrs Rongong at 0161 336 2219

One of our students, Megan Allen, wrote a NUHOPE reminder poem to make sure the message gets home to everyone. You can see the poem HERE

Click on the link to download our Anti Bullying Policy.

DCC Behaviour Policy

DCC-Anti Bullying Policy